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tv   [untitled]    July 13, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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percentage of keeping people in shelters. community building case management and connecting people it the essential services they need and education, employment and mental health and health all those things that keep homelessness as a part of people's past we're privileged to work with mercy and the city on this project >> i want to see it was important for mayor ed lee to meet one of the families moving in so i want to introduce this lady she'll be joining the mayor with the tour and she's she's representative for one of the families and olsen lee and barbara smith who is leading the san francisco housing authority. so let's take our tours
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>> good afternoon, everyone. welcome to the board of supervisors san francisco budget & finance sub-committee for wednesday, july 9, 2014. my name is mark farrell i'll be chairing this committee i'm joined by supervisor john avalos and be joined by sxhooifr i want to thank clerk linda wong as well as jim smith and jonathan madam clerk, any announcements? >> yes. phones, pagers and similar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. copies of the documents should be submitted to the clerk items on today's agenda obey e will be
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in the next meeting. >> thank you very much madam clerk call item one. >> the resolution of the revenue obligation for the california statewide development authority for the school not to exceed $9.4 million. >> thank you, ms. shall you from the controller's office thanks for being here. >> thanks good morning members of the supervisor wiener subcommittee i'm from the controller's office office of federal bureau of investigation's i want to thank you for hearing this today, i have mark from the city attorney's office and the presidio hills school and from other organization. they'll be happy to answer questions regarding presidio hills school and it's operations and projects economy and the financing.
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city and county of san francisco is arrest participating member of california staidz authority this is the joint powers authority to issue notes and certificates and previously issued debt it requires that the jurisdiction in which the project is located approve this project for the duly notice that is for the exempt basis. pursuant to the responsibility act for the interests on the bonds the city is required to conduct a public hearing by the authority. in this case, the applicant it the presidio hills school the amount of bonds not to exceed $9 million plus a hearing notice is published in the san
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francisco chronicle it was held on may 12, 2014, no comments from the public were heard through the process arrest the purchase of the project to reindependence e finance the capital facilities including the 2011 for the one side to finance the construction and renovation and equipping of educational facilities on washington street in san francisco. that work was completed in 2003. this bond will also refinance an acquisition of real property on maple street purchased in may 2012. those bonds will not effect the city and county of san francisco. if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them regarding the financing or other
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specifics the applicant is here >> thanks i appreciate this is an item i've supported working with the presidio till hill schools and i think we're going to have a resolution on that. something i'll definitely support but at this time we'll open up for open this up for public comment anyone wishing to comment on item one >> agenda item one we have to work hard we work hard to (inaudible). >> thank you very much. anyone else wish to publicly comment seeing none, public comment is closed. okay. we have no b l a report can i have a motion we have a motion and a second we'll take that without objection. madam clerk item 2 >> the resolution approving the issuance of the revenue bond for
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the finance authority for a nonprofit corporation not to exceed $30 million. >> mayor ed lee shell a back. >> thank you for the san francisco budget & finance sub-committee considering this item we have the city attorney's office here this is for the bond coincidental from l lp. the city and county of san francisco is a participating member of the association of the finance authority for nonprofit corporations which is the joint are powers authority their authorized to issue certificates of finance including previously issued debt it requires the governor body to approve the financing after the opportunity for a publicly noticed hearing
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our the applicant here is senior health services the amount of the bond not to exceed $30 million. the hearing notice was published in the chronicle and a public hearing held at the office of public finance on may 27th. no comments from the public was received through the hearing process. the purchase of the project is to refinance it approved by the board in 2008. the procedures will be used to refinance the equipping of open unlock project on 3333 bush street and the program is all inclusive care for the elderly it has 67 thousand square feet for the community health clinic
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and other senior housing you unites. the procedures will be used to for the acquisitions at one thousand to one thousand 10 polling street. no fiscal impact will be had by the city and county of san francisco. if you have any further questions feel frooel free to ask >> i have no questions is there anyone who wishes to speak on the item? >> agenda item number 2. for the seniors centers for seniors no sport or smoking no sports this is no good for anyone else no smoking.
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>> thank you anyone wishes to comment seeing none, public comment is closed can i have a motion we'll take that without objection.. madam clerk call items if three and four together. >> this is the board approval of the health contribution rates and item 4 establishing the health service trust fund. >> we have katherine here head of our h ss you're looking great. >> thank you katherine i might have more hair this year. i'm pleased to introduce an establishment for the rates passage for 2015. i'm sure you're aware of h ss increases have been below the
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cycles to the accountability care for the blue cross blue shield in which the health system takes financial risks for the financial services. the aco were the second of they're kind in cool and have improved patient care during the past two years the d hr has barlgd the premium changes and eliminating the price intensive changes for people to join kaiser and we've got 93 for employees plus 2 and acu adapted 96 and 83 for e-1 and two. this percentage in eliminating the tennis to join kaiser
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permanente will help us avoid the cadillac tax that is for 3 benefit cycles in 2013 we have a decrease ever 8.2 percent saving over $20 million for all the employers we work with and when rate increases nationally we're between 8 and 4 percent we have better patient management and low runldz from blue shield and kaiser. the rate decrease it is presented for $19.4 million in federal tax for the affordable health care a quarter of a million dollar for the research outcomes fee that go to covered
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california. so all the fees are covered in the premiums and we have a rate reduction we have an owners required that establishes the anchorage for the 10 months populated county's in the state the majority of unities unions have waved that for the employer contributions and the contribution is still used to calculate the retirees rates and a few of the existing unions. i present this and urge your support we're very proud and happy to have mark farrell on that >> we also have our actuary here in you have questions. >> so i recognize supervisor
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breslin and scott and our actuary is here in no questions budget analyst report mr. rose. >> yes. madam chair and supervisor avalos on page 7 of our report we report an fiscal an impact section the total estimate employee cross for the health and dental plan and long term disabled are $588 million plus. and in 2015 which is a 16 million 308 or 2.7 percent decrease and in 2014 we recommend you approve the proposed legislation >> thank you mr. rose. any questions
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>> no questions just quit remarkable we're able to present those rates and commend you for the work in the office. >> thank you supervisor avalos. steel a little bit of my thunder i want to thank katherine for the entire system it's amazing when other employers are seeing increasing toward 8 percent and we're having reductions so katherine that is due to our leadership so thank you. i'm glad to see you back again. we'll open this up for public comment anyone wish to comment on items three or four >> i say from the health services board. >> commissioner scott. >> i'm randy scott i serve as the vice chair r vice president
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of the commission board thank you practical for your continued leadership and support on the board and to talk about the outcome of this year. about this time last year the chamber was full and jason just was we had our last board meeting it was empty as well. i remarked at that time that victory has a thousand fathers and debate has a few there are a lot of derogatory statements among the stakeholders that's fine but also as we articulate our discontestant it would be helpful to get a positive endorsement if the job is well done. i want to thank the sfgovtv staff and the commissioners and they recognize the cooperation of the health care in working through a process to have a
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long-term effect. lastly as it relates to the health budget i want to thank you supervisor farrell and others for seeing the reasonableness of the requests against the initial reductions proposed the facts are the restoration are critical to the ongoing leadership that the board requires if we're going to sustain the type of work we've begun so thank you, again >> thank you, commissioner scott. is there any public comment? on items three or four >> okay seeing none, public comment is closed. can i have a motion we have a motion and a second >> we'll take that without objection.. madam clerk call item 5 >> item 5 is an ordinance for the identification of the retirees trust fund of city offices. >> so colleagues this is an item that was brought forward by
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our city attorney's office some technical tweaks to the health care fund the city attorney on the board is not present this week so i'm going to taper another motion for the to the call of the chair. first open this up for public comment that anyone wishing to comment please step forward seeing none, public comment is closed. can i have a motion to continue this item >> we'll take that without objection.. madam clerk call item 6 and it's a resolution for the newspapers of the city and county of san francisco for all official advertising for the fiscal year 2014-2015 and ratifying the previous advertising for the july 2014 issue >> so we have our office of contract administration here. >> good afternoon, supervisors
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i'm here for the office of contract administration requesting their recommendation and approval of a resolution for the designation of the aquarium for the official newspapers for 2014-2015. the contracterm is from august one through june 30th, 2015, it's difference we had to extend the contract. the estimated contract value is approximately 2. hundred and 50. oc a put out a request for bids we've received bid from the chronicle and the examiner the examiner had the highest price
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score and was the only official bidders. the san francisco administration code riversideries us to get bids for the requirements for the newspapers at the and the evaluation points by which the bids are scored. the purchase who performs the evaluation reports the totals to the board of supervisors and makes a recommendation the recommendation to the board of supervisors is based on the responsive bidder for the highest point total. after requiring the purchaseers recommendation the administrative code through upon the board of supervisors should charges you and designate a newspaper or newspapers as the official newspapers of city and
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county of san francisco the board of supervisors has designated more than one official newspaper and has split the advertising constricting contract between the examiner and the chronicle. the purchaser received two brings down from the examiner and chronicle. the chronicle is deemed nonresponsive because it didn't meet the requirement of being printed in the city. at the same time the chronicle scored 21.14 points. the examiner met all the requirements and had the highest score for thirty points plus. the carpal tunnels price per
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line increased from $2.26 per line to $3 plus per line the chronicles bid price is the same. excuse me. in conclusion the purchasing has drafted the resolution for the examiner being the official newspaper for the recommendation of the bidder who has the highest score. accident board of supervisors has the option to exercise it's discretion to inspect the examiner or if the board of supervisors wants to pilot the contract between the two newspapers awarding to both the examiner and the chronology california >> that's is that it. >> any questions supervisors.
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at this time open this up for public comment anyone wish to comment on item number 6. >> good morning, madam chair i'm diane of the san francisco chronicle i want to thank you for considering the san francisco chronicle of one type 1 and two of the none of record we take an active roll serving our community with the associate responsibilities. the san francisco chronicle is the most widespread newspaper we reach 57 percent of the san franciscans in the county we match the voting of the population. we enthusiastically provide
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entertainment and access for our fell resident we've sponsored the black and white ball and the opera in the park the lgbt pride parade and all-star teacher program and the san francisco chamber of commerce expo everyday the chronicle delivers newspapers to the school we appreciate your business relationship we've had over the years we're here to ask you to award the san francisco chronicle the full advertising for type 1 and two advertising we can serve you well in handling did responsibility and is there any public comment? on item 6 okay seeing none, public comment is closed. so i appreciate this is back
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before us it is everyday my preference would be to split the contract as we've done in the past practice and obvious two major newspapers that serve our cities that's my preference >> okay. can i have a motion to that effect. >> so moved. >> we'll take that without objection.. madam clerk, any other business before this commission? >> john gibner, deputy city attorney you amended the resolution to add the chronicle and to the full board of recommendation. >> did he need to rede need tw
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>> good afternoon edge welcome to the san francisco budget & finance committee i'm mark farrell i'll be chairing this committee and i'm joined by scott wiener and supervisor london breed and i want to thank sfgovtv and clerk linda sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. . any documents should be submitted to the checker and they will appear on the july 14th agenda >> colleagues before we call
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item one i want to have a motion to canoes one of the supervisors. >> item one motion order submitted and an election on november 4th and an ordinance for the text education code on the direction of sugar sweetened beverages to fund food and health program. >> thank you madam clerk that was supported by a number of colleagues and over supervisor mar and supervisor wiener to talk about this topic. >> you want to go first? thank you supervisor farrell and supervisor wiener as well. i know this is one more step towards placing our health sf soda tax on the ballot in san
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francisco. i want to say i've been working side by side with supervisor wiener and supervisor cohen and supervisor avalos and many others through the process but it's about a 2 year coalition effort with the public health experts and even national organizations that have been focused on developing our soda tax we hope to pass this major $0.02 per ounce to you fight for better health for children and jarthsz to come. i want to say that shape sf and coalitions in the city have been actually for healthy options and activities for our communities and food access organizations like the food guardians and the task force they help the
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coalitions in the tenderloin and many others go coalitions and alliances that have been working on that also the public center for the vulnerable populations the yale university red center on obesity to the center for the science have been following this and advocating for changes around the word in mexico and other local communities like our and berkley we hope to move forward that inspire other changes at the national level we know from previous hearing i know that a lot of the choose sf coalitions are here but most impacted by sugar sweetened beverage are the lowest folks
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that are impacted but your budget analyst report reports we've seen there are a disproportion impact on community of colors on obesity and oral height and liver damage and others go health problems in our community we're looking at health equality that will help most impacted in the lowest xhunlts of color obesity and overweight and oral health problems are a crisis in our community i want to thank san francisco for the soda tax in the ballot with you $0.02 per balance on the sugar sweetened beverages could lead to $31 million of revenue that will
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be going directly to improve food security access programs and hunger efforts to embattle that and physical education programs throughout our neighborhoods and lastly improving our paradoxes and recreational for the community. i want to acknowledge that in our last couple of hearings on the health impacts we've had whether asian pacific islander or african-american and chicano and latino communities coming forward to pass this message i want to say we've got a number of amendments at the hearing and scott wiener is going to present those but looking at